Saturday, October 02, 2004

"Why did Kerry vote for the war resolution?"

Um, duh? There was no war resolution. There was an authorization resolution. If I authorize you to carry a gun for self defense, it doesn't mean I have to support your decision to shoot an attacker in the back while he's fleeing. Why is this oh-so basic distinction so hard for half the electorate? Why is this so hard for
presumably educated people in liberal California?

Postscript: I didn't realize, pre-Googling, that the author of the above-linked column is a syndicated and seemingly arch-right party-line columnist who is lately hawking the egregious but familiar misrepresentations of Gore (said he invented the Internet, etc), so now ala Al Franken I am going to have to doubt she sincerely missed a distinction. I was giving her the benefit before, but I now retroactively call for the above to be read as sarcasm.

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