Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"O.K. Which way humanity, and which of us shall lead the way?"

Is it anything like that in the Vatican conclave right now? Seems like that's something of the essence, which I find very romantic. Returning to our regular programming, however, I can't help seeing in the conclave something like the current administration of the United States government. The president, cabinet and staff hole up in the White House making plans for the world, and we wait to hear whatever they choose to announce through the press room. There's also a certain amount of smoke blowing involved.

Something's very democratic about the equally ranked cardinals of the whole world all coming together to deliberate and advocate for candidates for Pope, presumably with sheer numbers of supporters in some fashion determining who is elected. I suspect there's democracy to be found up and down the administration of the Catholic Church. Yet of course the Church is about the last thing the word "democracy" brings to mind. Supports the notion that democracy is hard to measure.


Nick said...

Ok, last post of mine on your site I promise. But i totaly agree with this one. Its amazing that for 2000 years, there has been some form of Democracy in the world, and we will get to see its results soon with a new Pope, democratically elected from the holy princes of the church.

t.s. said...

But what about the attack ads?