Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Geneva conventions also not applicable to witches, Gonzales

"You don't battle evil with your hands tied," the President recently said. "It's the same for black magic as for terrorism."

Large stones and deep bodies of water being scarce in the desert, the U.S. military's standard softening procedures for terror suspects have been deemed adequate also for determining who's a witch. While distinguishing terrorists from witches is not one hundred percent reliable at this time, significant moves have been made toward establishment of the committee that will strategize recruitment of individuals to study occult customs and practices, some sources say. The military also currently lacks experts in Arabic and Afghan culture, but this has not been allowed to slow its intelligence gathering. American anti-witchcraft operations began in the colonial period.

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barba de chiva said...

I get the strangest feeling you think an expert in Arabic or Afghan culture might be useful. Posh!

Martha Carrier, that rampant hag, would have been no match for the U.S. Military.