Sunday, June 19, 2005

Another one for the philosophers in the audience

Let p = funniest joke you've ever heard

1) Two guys enter a bar
2) p

Sorry, you heard that one before?


trisha said...


I inserted my favorite punchline, which has nothing to do with any guys entering a bar.

"You've got a drink called 'Murray?'"

Murky Thoughts said...

Drat! The USDA classifies "Two guys enter a bar" as a neutral filler.

Murray?? Now I'm not laughing, and that's no good.

trisha said...

Murray is a grasshopper. He goes in to a bar, bartender says, "Hey, we have a drink named after you!"

she falters to rise said...

I can't ever remember jokes after I hear them so I can't think of a punchline. Usually, I remember bits and pieces and mix them all up. I once heard a joke about a rabbi, a German, and a tiny pianist. They went into a bar and had sex with a hooker. The hooker had a bulldog, The bartender had sex with the dog and then fed a midget peanuts. Then, they all saw God.

Wait, was that a joke or did it really happen? Damn, I get so confused.

Anonymous said...

I think "Two bars enter a guy" might be a funnier joke.