Friday, October 14, 2005

Poor people on TV?

Once there was "Sanford & Son," the sitcom about a elderly black junk seller and his son. The characters on the Honeymooners I'm guessing were just getting by. Are there any poor people on TV nowadays?


she falters to rise said...

Are there unattractive people on TV any more?

I don't know if Hollywood knows how to write about being poor--they think that it means being a gangster in the hood or a redneck in a trailer.

People don't want to watch the truth--thus, our current news empires were born to obscure reality.

dgm said...

she falters--there are unnattractive people on tv; it's just that they act like they don't realize it. see, e.g., donald trump, the wiggles, and (back when she used to do tv) tori spelling.