Sunday, November 06, 2005

E.O. Wilson lays down the gauntlet

Rapprochement may be neither possible nor desirable. There is something deep in religious belief that divides people and amplifies societal conflict. The toxic mix of religion and tribalism has become so dangerous as to justify taking seriously the alternative view, that humanism based on science is the effective antidote, the light and the way at last placed before us.

Religions continue both to render their special services and to exact their heavy costs. Can scientific humanism do as well or better, at a lower cost? Surely that ranks as one of the great unanswered questions of philosophy. It is the noble yet troubling legacy that Charles Darwin left us.*

- E. O. Wilson

Besides the above perspective, Murky Thoughts also highly recommends Wilson's autobiography, Naturalist


Lizzie said...

Hi there, Murky Thoughts! This is so good- In what publication did it appear?

Murky Thoughts said...

Whoops! Didn't mean to be obscure. The asterisk at the end of the excerpt is a link to the article (in New Scientist and free online).