Friday, April 28, 2006

Doubt 9-11

That's my current position, and I recommend it for everybody. We're already disbelieving everything that comes from the various mouths of this administration, we've already extrapolated this distrust back to the WMD case they made for the Iraq war, and on and on they go as if they could care less whether even half the country believes a word they're saying. It's time we extend the discredit back to where it really hurts: Doubt 9-11!

After all, what better way to express our confidence in the current leadership? And as the philosopher said: Free your mind, and your ass will follow.

Note: Doubting that the 9-11 deaths and destruction happened as per the official four-plane hijacking story is not necessarily to doubt the threat of terrorism, which we were told much about under Clinton, and which I personally believe would have to be extreme and well substantiated indeed for national leaders to feel justified in either allowing or plotting civilian deaths to generate support for extreme counter-terrorism measures (not to mention feeling sufficiently motivated to risk the repercussions of later discovery). Nor is it necessarily to imagine enormous amounts of subterfuge. In fact, the more subterfuge that needs supposing, the less likely it becomes in my book. For me, a key factor is how many people, and who, would need to be lying. I find doubt possible at the moment, because it seems to me now that very few people had access to direct evidence that was not equivocal with respect to many explanations, and seemingly none of these people were news reporters.

e.g. Question: Does anybody personally know anybody who died on a hijacked 9-11 plane? Has the FAA released the flight manifests, which name everybody who was aboard? I'm assuming the answer is no. Oh, huh, well there's this. If those (or if the names on a more authoritative list) are real people whose loved ones lost contact with them on 9-11 or shortly before and haven't contacted them since, then never mind. But who knows if there are? Are the manifests in here somewhere? Seems not.

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