Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Please note duly: Republican leaders fear their Chief Executive

I think we ought to notice that it's the Republicans in Congress raising hell over the Executive branch search of Democratic Congressman Jefferson's Louisiana office. They're invoking "separation of powers" in the abstract, but note a) their case regarding this clearly documented crook is flimsy and b) duh, they know who is running the Executive at present. They control Congress and yet they fear the Executive. They belong to his party and yet they fear the Executive. They know a lot more about the persons in control, the things they've done and their plans than do either Congressional Democrats or most ordinary people, and yet they fear the Executive. And what do they fear? They don't want the Executive rifling through their offices. You think they're all hiding stocks of cash in there? Drugs? No, almost exclusively their offices contain documentation of their dealings, and that presumably is what they don't want the Executive to be able to see. Illegal dealings? Perhaps, but would you fear exceptional zeal in the enforcement of the law from a leader of your own party? Not unless you were a traitor. Republicans in Congress believe the Executive faction is positioning to use police powers to frustrate efforts they might make to organize independently and to enforce loyalty by blackmail, to the extent their offices contain anything legal or otherwise that they might not want others to know. I think we should all be afraid.

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