Thursday, September 28, 2006

Words to win elections by?

Campaign teams aren't consulting me so far as I know, but I'll inject into the blogosphere whatever good ideas I think I have word-wise. Words as in "talking points" and "re-framing phrases" ("death tax" is the one Lakoff and everybody else invokes). I'll start with the one I offered last post and update this list if and as more occur to me.

1) "Party of the Fraudster in Chief" (use in place of "Republicans")
2) "Morals laundering" (as in "money laundering," and esp. with reference to asking police states abroad to take dictation of our prisoners who feel like confessing)
3) "Extraconstitutional," "extra injustice" (use in place of "extrajudicial," re: detainee processing)
4) [ ]


t.s. said...

"GOPT" (Grand Old Party of Torture)

stroll said...

I thought of you and this post yesterday when I read that the Republicans are "re-framing" the "stay-the-course" rhetoric, now focusing instead "benchmarks and milestones".

Murky Thoughts said...

Instead of "benchmarks," W might have called them "a system of merit badges we'll give ourselves in the event we make any of various kinds of progress in Iraq."