Friday, April 20, 2007

First they came for the fact checkers...

...and then it was the spell checkers.

He said that, for years, most of the education budget has been squandered in administration—“We are excessively administered in this country”—and that too many politicians have fostered unrealistic expectations and offered up fake solutions to those expectations, most notably Lionel Jospin, one of his predecessors at the education ministry and the man who decreed that eighty per cent of France’s students would be eligible to go to college, when what the country needed was four thousand more butchers and at least as many new plumbers.

i.e. "decried" certainement

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Brian Hayes said...

...and the man who decreed would then decry a dearth of creed.

But not to worry, we will exceed algorithms when engines are developed that troll for context.

Poets will lament excessive alteration. Police will praise new ability to scour the likely intent of anyone standing near the door. Politicians will be data mining day and night.

Along the way from plankton to pulsar, bloggers will attain ubiquitous utility in our emergent neuronomy, culling sloppy assertions and bringing new accuity.